ICC is essentially an administrative building comprising a total of 400,000 sq. ft. of office space, with shopping malls on the floor below.

This address is appreciated both by large firms, which can rent out entire floors, and by start-ups choosing to establish their firms in a building where floor space can grow as the business expands. Many diplomatic missions have chosen to make it their home, appreciating the range of services offered, as well as proximity to the international airport and the United Nations.


All ICC office spaces are fully customizable at the discretion of the tenant. The modular walls offer increased flexibility when it comes to space and design. From large offices to smaller, discreet offices, our offers are created to suit your needs. It is possible to rent small areas of about 20 m2, to larger office spaces of 1’400 m2.


Welcoming and well placed malls are also available for rent in the ICC business center. They are located at the main entrance and on the lower ground floor of the building, in the direct access area of the hotel.